Transitional Phase Explained

What is a “Transitional phase”? Have you heard the phrase “transitional phase” or it’s also sometimes referred to as “transitional period”?  When used in the context of hair this is used to refer to the time it takes for your hair to adapt to a new shampoo, usually from a liquid to a solid shampoo.

During the transitional phase your hair can feel oily, sticky or simply just not nice but once the phase is complete your hair should return to normal.  However sometimes the phase is too long for people to accept or indeed seem never ending so they revert to their old shampoo.

With 30 years’ experience in the hair industry I don’t really think there is a such thing. If a shampoo bar is making your hair feel oily, sticky or just not good then it’s probably a soap not a shampoo and the so called “transitional phase” may well take a long time if not forever.  Just because it’s soap for hair does not mean it’s a “shampoo” specifically designed to clean , nourish and strengthen hair. 

Why does it happen? The PH of soap is high much higher than the natural ph. of the scalp and hair, which can knock your hair out of kilter and can cause damage to your hair over time.  That is why sometimes people are recommended to use an apple cider vinegar rinse after shampooing to lower the ph. of the hair back to its natural level… if you have the time?!?!

I’m now apprehensive about using bars… There are a variety of shampoo bar options available with varying levels of quality and price, (these two are not always directly correlated), just as there is a variety of liquid shampoos available and it’s about finding the right shampoo for your hair. 

Some people do use soap based shampoo bars and are happy with the results.  However in our experience shampoo bars have moved on considerably in recent years and trying a soap free bar specifically design for their hair might change their mind. 

The way to tell the difference is that soap based shampoo bars will have ingredients such as sodium cocoate, sodium olivate and sodium castrate.

Why should I try Dolores and Rose shampoo bars? If you have tried bars before and not had a good experience please don’t let that put you off. If you are new to bars then our shampoo bars are soap free, ph. balanced for the hair and (as you’d expect :-P) consequently there is no transitional period.  They are simply salon quality, natural shampoo in bar form packed with strengthen and nourishing ingredients to improve the health of your hair so from the very first wash your hair will feel  nourished, hydrated and look fabulous. 

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