To Wash Or Not To Wash ? How Often Is Too Often?

We are asked so many times “how often should I wash my hair”? To be totally honest there is no “right” answer. The frequency of washing and type of shampoo you use depends on your hair type, lifestyle and the environment you live in.

There’s a reason why there are a variety of shampoos for different hair types. Getting your haircare routine right can be crucial for your hair to look its best. For example, oily hair doesn’t need all the heavy oils in the shampoos that are formulated to treat dry hair…also thicker hair can usually be left for longer periods in between washes whilst thinner hair tends to be more oily and can get dirtier quicker.. you get the idea…

Lifestyle is also an important factor to consider. For example, you could work out every day which could result in your hair being sweaty and needing more frequent washing or you could use lots of styling products which if left too long can leave your hair feeling heavy and dirty.

Another consideration is your environment you live in. If you live somewhere with high pollution simply going to work or going about your daily life you hair may well feel dirty by the end of the day. Conversely, if you live somewhere with low pollution and you are not exposed to air particles that could attach to your hair and make it dirty you’re less likely to need to wash it as frequently.

Generally speaking it is advisable not to over wash your hair as the natural oils will be washed away too quickly and it’s beneficial to let the protective natural oils work. Harsh shampoos can also strip the hair of the natural oils quicker as they are good cleansers but essentially cleanse too much and effectively strip the hair of its natural oils. However, it can be more detrimental to leave dirt in your hair or the build up of “nasties” which can not only make your hair look dull and heavy in the short term but could impact its long term health.

The key to your hair looking its absolute best is to get to know your hair, understand what your hair needs (based on its type) and the impact of your lifestyle and environment.

Independent of the above considerations there are key things that Dolores and Rose would always recommend: 1) using more natural shampoos , without sulphates, that wont strip your hair of its natural goodness, 2) minimise exposure to harsh chemicals and 3) every so often give your hair a little TLC.. who doesn’t need an excuse for a little time out for hair self care? 🙂

Dolores and Rose pride ourselves on making shampoo and conditioner bars that are 100% naturally derived, using only the mildest cleansers, so whether you wash your hair daily or every 4-5 days they will work with your hair by ensuring it’s clean and nourished without being too overbearing.

If you have any questions about your hair and you think we may be able to help don’t hesitate to get in touch either via email: or via our social media channels.

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