The Importance of pH Balanced Haircare

Our shampoo bars are pH balanced, why is it this Important in Hair Care?

The first major difference between a soap-based shampoo bar and a surfactant based shampoo bar is the pH. Ours is the later by the way.


As you probably know (a trip back to senior school chemistry lessons) the pH scale is a scale used to determine if a product is acidic or basic (alkaline). On a scale from 0 to 14, 7 is considered neutral. Vinegar, lemon or citric acid is considered acidic with a pH of 2. Whereas, something like drain cleaner will have a basic pH of 14.
Our skin and hair is naturally acidic, in fact is often referred to as “the acidic mantle”. It has a pH between 4 and 5.5.


The only problem is that most of the treatments we apply to our hair such as colouring, bleaching or even shampooing with an alkaline based shampoo disrupt the pH balance and push it more to the alkaline end of the scale.  Consequently the alkaline pH increases the electric charge of the hair and causes friction between the fibres.  Slightly confusing I know …. basically it makes your strands repel each other, which creates frizz ….the friction it causes then leads to tangles, cuticle damage and hair breakage.


To make sure your hair is at its healthiest pH level you need to wash with a pH balanced shampoo combined with protein and moisture to help keep the hair at its pH sweet spot.


All our shampoo bars are pH balanced and contain protein and moisture.  Some offer more moisture or protein based on specific needs of different hair types for example for dry porous hair our Moisture Hit bar contains a lot more moisture as thats what thirsty hair needs.


I don’t want to scare any of you but it’s really important to use a pH balanced shampoo to keep your tresses looking and feeling good.
That concludes your chemistry lesson for today! Happy Washing! 🙂