Reducing Plastic Waste in the Hospitality Sector

Plastic Pollution

The world is now producing roughly 300 million tons of plastic each year.  Globally to date, there is about 8.3 billion tons of plastic in the world – some 6.3 billion tons of that is trash.  Plastic is one of the defining inventions of our time, yet there’s no denying its negative impact it is now having on our environment. They clog up landfills and make their way into our environment—including 18 billion pounds that flow into the ocean every year. This is an astounding amount considering plastic will never fully decompose meaning these products stick around for hundreds or thousands of years.


The hospitality industry plays a significant role in plastic consumption.  For example a one 200-room hotel can generate around 300,000 single-use pieces in a month at full capacity.  This number includes a variety of plastic items such as water bottles, plastic wrap, latex gloves, and plastic bags etc but notably it includes a huge 49,765 plastic amenities and amenity packages.

The Hospitality Industry Is Changing

The hospitality industry is definitely making changes. Hotel groups are beginning the journey to eliminate single use plastics primarily focused on removal of plastic straws and water bottles.  Not only is this saving money but also massively reducing the impact on our planet.   There are also lots of articles available with suggestions of what the hospitality industry can do to reduce its environmental impact for example an article from the Boutique Hotelier.

Some are considering the hotel guest amenities as a really easy way to significantly reduce plastic waste.  Hotels have reportedly been choosing to put soap and shampoo dispensers that are refillable instead of miniature amenities, which create excessive waste. While this method is more popular among mid-range hotels, high-range hotels have experimented with creating custom-formulated amenities in recyclable or compostable packages.

This is a fantastic start but what about going one step further and removing liquid and the required plastic packaging completely.  This is where Dolores and Rose can help.  We offer luxury shampoo and conditioner bars with 100% recycled and recyclable packaging that not only look fabulous in any bathroom but offer a little luxury to your guests whilst at the same time showing them you are committed to providing quality whilst also being kind to the planet.


How Important is Eco Hospitality?

Beyond the importance of hotels reducing their impact on the environment, sustainability measures (reducing plastic being a significant factor) also attractive to potential customers. According to a sustainability report by, 68% of clients are interested in searching out eco-friendly hotels, and 87% of travellers worldwide state that they want to travel sustainably.

As a result of customers increasing demand for more eco friendly hotels event organisers are now taking venues eco credentials into consideration.  Also companies are keen to organize their conferences in environmentally friendly settings. Eco B&B say that when looking for venues and hotels, 75% of firms inquire about green credentials.


The Future is Plastic-Free Guest Amenities

Some hotels are still struggling with making the swap to plastic free claiming that guests demands dictate what they provide.  So as a “guest” you can do your bit too by seeking out those that are genuinely making the effort to be sustainable and if you stay somewhere that isn’t doing their bit then please do provide feedback.  The more the customer wants sustainable hospitality the more likely they are to meet the demands.

Dolores and Rose Hospitality partners not only offer their guests luxury products whilst being planet friendly but are also supporting a UK business and reducing their carbon footprint.  We provide individual mini shampoo and conditioner bars in recycled and recyclble packaging and for a real touch of luxury a shampoo and conditioner bar duo in a Dolores and Rose tin for a guest to take home.

Interested in becoming a Hospitality Partner? We ahve packages to suit all venue sizes.  Please do contact us for further information via email: or any of our social media channels, or log onto our website and register as a wholesaler to start your journey to reducing plastic waste and doing your bit for the planet!