Ingredient Spotlight: Phytokeratin

Dolores and Rose products include the best ingredients for fabulous hair. One of these is Phytokeratin.

What is it?

Phytokeratin is a plant based complex of amino acids derived from wheat, corn and soy.  

Phyto is a prefix that means ‘of a plant’ or ‘relating to plants’.  So, when you add phyto to keratin, you know it’s a plant-based protein material.  This is an ethical alternative to an animal based keratin.

How it works and the benefits

Phytokeratin penetrates the hair easily to hydrate, nourish and restore its health.  It works by smoothing down the cells that overlap to form your hair strands.  The hair cuticle (layers of cells) absorbs the keratin which increases hair strength and elasticity.

As a result of Phytokeratin working its magic your hair will benefit from improved softness, have added shine and body, and a reduction in frizz and fly away hair

Also with improved hair health your hair will have better protection against drying, breakage and split ends often caused by using heat styling tools and chemical treatments.

Keratin is simply a hair “must have” if you want to have healthy fabulous hair. 

Top Tip for maximising the benefits of using our products

When you wash your hair, with Dolores and Rose, let the product sit on your hair for just a few minutes so the fabulous ingredients, which include Phytokeratin, can do their work.  The dryer parts of your hair are generally at the ends so make sure you get it all covered.  Happy washing! 🙂

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