Have You Had Your Oats?

Give a little extra treat to your hair with an oat rinse!  All you need is oats, water and a strainer.  It’s really that simple!

We all know how good oats are for us to eat, but did you know the amazing benefits they can give to the hair too? If your hair is feeling a little over dry at the moment, with all the cold weather and being indoors with the heating on then why not try a oat rinse yourself at home?

Why treat your hair to some oat magic!

Silky smooth hair? “YES!!” we hear you cry … who doesn’t want that! Here’s a little bit of science – The beta glucan, a Polysaccharide (a carbohydrate starch, cellulose, or glycogen whose molecules consist of a number of sugar molecules blended together), found in oats gives a silkiness to the hair, making it look and feel shiny. It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can help clear dandruff and itchy scalps.

Oats are also extremely moisturising as they contain hair loving vitamin B, which has moisturising properties and acts as a humectant (which means it helps the strands retain moisture).

They can also help to thicken/strengthen the hair as the vitamin B can penetrate the hair shaft. This is especially good for curly and kinky hair as this type of hair tends to be more prone to mechanical damage.

The oat rinse helps seals in moisture and provides a barriers from the elements.

They even have exfoliating properties that helps unclogs pores, cleaning all your scalp beautifully.

How To Make The Oat Rinse

Soak 50g of oats (old fashioned or regular oats are best but you can also use colloidal oats) with
175mls of water.  Leave to soak for about 6 hours.

Strain off the excess water with a sieve, you can eat the soaked oats if you so wish. Pour the excess water in a jar ready for a rinse and place in the fridge until you are ready for your hair washing. It doesn’t last too long in the fridge so use within a few days.



We recommended you wash your hair with your chosen Dolores and Rose shampoo bar, then condition with our Jojoba Hair Hug conditioner bar.
Squeeze the excess water out of your hair then pour the oat rinse through your hair and work in with your hands.  You can also massage a little on your scalp.  This may be cold when you pop it on so massaging does help warm up the scalp . Leave on your hair for 10mins then rinse with warm water.

It is that simple.  Try it yourself and let us know how your hair feels after.

Any questions please do get in touch either on email: info@doloresandrose.co.uk or via any of our social media channels.